BMW F22 M235i Performance Rear Exhaust by Active Autowerke

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True BMW performance, durability, and attractive weight advantages with innovative features places the Active Autowerke BMW F22 M235i exhaust in a class of its own. This system is constructed from 100% Brushed 304-stainless steel and features adjustable brushed, black or carbon Active Autowerke double walled tips, making it ideal both for 2-door and 4-door models. The choice is yours.

Active Autowerke BMW 435i and 335i exhaust underviewRather than creating a complete exhaust system, Active Autowerke opted for a compact design built in a smaller package to deliver more value to the BMW end user.

BMW 435I and 335i rear exhaust viewJust like replacing the BMW factory rear exhaust, the Active Autowerke BMW Performance rear exhaust does it in much the same way, if not better by using a much beefier, heavy duty TORCA style exhaust clamp. TORCA clamps are known for their strength and sealing capabilities to make that tight seal.

close up of bmw 435i and 335i performance exhaust by active autowerkeOther cool features like height adjustable mounting tabs also help to make this exhaust very east to install.u00a0


The system is a straight-through design providing substantial improvements to gas flow over the factory exhaust. Gone is the factory flapper to change exhaust tones; this BMW Performance exhaust doesn't need gimmicks to accomplish baritones or suffer from problems like sticking flappers that will happen due to exhaust build up. Instead, the sound come out non intrusive, with a rich mellow tone and delivers a solid 15+hp, with key gains in the mid-range. Listen to the video and judge for yourself.

The Active Autowerke F22 M235i BMW Rear Exhaust System provides increase in BMW horsepower, great sound and appearance making it the choice for the avid BMW enthusiast.

Key Features:

  • Large mandrel bent piping for maximum flow
  • Durable, Brushed 100% 304 stainless steel for durability
  • Double-walled 100mm or 90mm Signature Brushed stainless tips
  • Adjustable Tips with Embossed Active Autowerke Logo
  • Improved power & torque throughout entire RPM band
  • Gains of 12-15 HP over stock configuration
  • Tight seal with use of TORCA style exhaust clamps
  • Height adjustable mounting brackets make installation easyu00a0
  • Factory curb weight 27.0 Lbs, Active M235i weighs 22.0 Lbs
  • Fitment for Coupe, Convertible and Sedans
  • Complete illustrated instruction manual
  • Two year warranty


  • BMW F22 M235i 2013 -

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BMW video showing awesome sound quality of the Active Autowerke 435i exhaust