Active Autowerke E46 325 Supercharger Kit Level 2 Complete (Rotrex C30 Blower) - DISCONTINUED

by: Active Autowerke


With 8 pounds of boost for an increase of over 100 flywheel HP, Active Autowerke’s 325i and 323i super¬charger systems deliver instantaneous power and low end torque in amounts far beyond what the bimmer factory gods intended. 
Specifically designed to run with 91-93 octane pump fuel and your stock engine management system, this system uses our dyno-tuned software adjustments to manage ignition, fuel, vanos, rev limits, speed governors, etc – all programmed into the same onboard computer your car was born with. So the performance mutation from normal to ‘extra-assertive’ is smooth and dependable, and totally reversible to stock. Even our oil cooling upgrade is self contained and non-intrusive of the factory oil system. 
Bottom line: you get to experience near-M3 performance in your 325i or 323i at an incredibly affordable price. Without sacrificing driveability, comfort, integrity or amenities. Not too shabby at all.
Key Features:
Rotrex C30-94 trim supercharger
8 psi boost level
CNC machined supercharger bracket with hardware
Front-mounted air-to-air intercooler
Self-contained oil system with front-mount oil cooler
6 higher flowing fuel Injectors
Active Autowerke/Bosch bypass valve
High temperature silicone hoses with stainless clamps
All mandrel bent tubing for improved flow
K&N air filter
Active Autowerke Dyno-Tuned Software
All mounting hardware, plumbing, hoses and clamps
Illustrated instruction manual & installation guide
2 Year Warranty with free tech support
Performance Specs
Power   :   330 BHP @ 6800 rpm
Torque   :   266 ft-lbs@ 5800 rpm

Boost Level   :   8.0 psi


Please Note All Supercharge Kits May Take Up To 2 Weeks To Ship. Please Call To Confirm.

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