BMW E82 135 GEN 2 Rear Exhaust by BMW tuner, Active Autowerke | N54 N55

by: Active Autowerke

BMW E82 135I GEN 2 Rear Exhaust  

After months of testing this system with various size piping our engineering team decided that 3.5” piping is the best suited size for a true free flowing design on the BMW 135i exhaust. The increase in piping size decreases back pressure allowing the BMW 135i’s twin turbo to spool even faster resulting in increased horsepower and torque throughout the entire RPM range. This was the design feature of the GEN 1 E82.

However, when a set of Down Pipe was installed, some customers experienced a higher sound decibel tone with the total package.

What we created was the development where no increase in the decibel level was noted, even with the addition of a set of down pipes. The solution is the creation of the GEN 2 Signature Rear Exhaust. 

The 3.50" stainless steel exhaust tubing was still maintained to keep the power, but the addition of a High Flow sound regulating muffler was incorporated. This design showed no decrease in power and successfully lowering the decibels.   

Manufactured from 100% polished 304 stainless steel this bolt on system is well suited for the BMW E82 135i owner who wants a quieter exhaust with down pipes.

NOTE: Does not fit convertible



  • Full 304 stainless steel with hi-polish finish 
  • 3.50" Mandrel Bent Piping for Optimum Exhaust Flow
  • High Flow sound regulating muffler 
  • Dual 80 mm Active Autowerke Signature tips mounted staggered 
  • Measured 5-7+ horsepower increase at the rear wheels on the Active in-house chassis  dyno 
  • Designed to use existing factory mounts and hardware
  • Full adjustable mounting positions 
  • True Bolt On System

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