Active Autowerke BMW 335i Signature Exhaust | E9X N54 N55

by: Active Autowerke

Active Autowerke BMW 335i Signature Exhaust System

Active Autowerke’s BMW 335i Signature Exhaust system is the leading performance exhaust system currently on the market for E90, E92, and E93 335i models. This powerful and durable system is a true bolt-on, making for easy installation. To ensure longevity, our 335i exhaust is 100% constructed of 304 stainless-steel.

The Active Autowerke BMW 335i Signature Exhaust for the fifth-generation 3-series boasts dual 90mm tips, and stainless-steel hardware to further add style and performance to your BMW.

BMW 335i Signature Exhaust Sound Clip Video:


  • Dyno-proven gains of 17+ RWHP
  • Dual 90mm stainless-steel tips
  • Complete bolt-on (No cutting required)
  • 100% Polished 304 stainless-steel
  • True X-pipe design
  • Anti-flex design & hardware
  • All stainless-steel hardware
  • Large inlet pipes with high-flow design
  • Illustrated instruction manual
  • 2 Year Warranty

Installation Instructions:

BMW 335i Signature Exhaust System Performance

The Active Autowerke BMW 335i Signature Exhaust System has been dyno-tested and proven to add an additional 15-22 RWHP, and is a must for the enthusiast looking to unleash more power quickly and easily from their BMW 335i.

This system increases airflow by more than 35% over stock. It utilizes a true X-pipe design, created to increase the exhaust system’s scavenging affect, which is less restrictive than the H-pipe design employed by most aftermarket exhaust manufacturers. The entire system easily bolts onto either the factory downpipes, or Active Autowerke downpipes:

Active Autowerke N54 Downpipes

Active Autowerke N55 Downpipe

The system was created with an anti-flex design and hardware to assure proper fitment at all times. The inlet pipes of the system are larger than OEM, and were created with a high-flow design. This is the only BMW 335i exhaust system currently on the market to feature a bracket that connects the two mufflers together – though the bracket is not visible.

There is no cutting required, and detailed instructions accompany the exhaust, ensuring owners will feel confident during installation. The entire BMW 335i Signature Exhaust System is constructed from stainless steel, including connecting pipes, X-pipe, and dual rear mufflers. Several adjustments points allow for the addition of rear diffusers.

BMW 335i Signature Exhaust Dyno Chart:

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