F3X 335i 435i Active-8 Tune

by: Active Autowerke

Active Autowerke Active-8 Tuning Box for 335i/435i
Active Autowerke has been in the business of BMW performance for over 30 years. One of our specialties includes developing BMW software that brings your BMW’s performance to new heights. We are happy to introduce our newest addition to our BMW software line-up, the Active-8 Tuning Box. With this direct plug-in BMW performance part, you can expect to experience 50+WHP gains and 47+ft-lbs of torque.

What puts Active Autowerke ahead of the competition?
Rest assured when you choose Active Autowerke, you are getting a 30+ year of experience guarantee. Our software engineer Karl Hugh has been playing with power for as long as he can remember and only develops the best in BMW software. The price is hard to beat as well. Here at Active Autowerke, our mission is to get every BMW owner to start playing with power. That is why we are introducing our Active-8 Tuning Box at a reasonable price.

Active Autowerke BMW Software Installation
Installation couldn’t be easier. Our Active Autowerke Active-8 Tuning Box installs in about an hour and is easily reversible just in case you have a change of heart. Like any Active Autowerke BMW software installation, the process itself is very simple. Just purchase the tune, and the box comes along with it so that you can easily plug it into your BMW’s ECU wiring harness.

 Installation Instructions

Our Active Autowerke Tuning Box Benefits
More than just an aesthetically appealing accessory, our Active-8 Tuning Box serves many purposes. Our box becomes the new brain of your BMW’s ECU making factory settings a thing of the past. Our Active-8 Tuning Box works exclusively with the N55 engine to optimize performance. Improved overall drive ability, fuel economy and unleashing the true capability of the n55 engine. It is also sealed to withstand any sort of weather conditions that might damage your precious BMW software.

The Active Autowerke Guarantee
As we mentioned before, we have 30+ years of experience under our belt to guarantee the best in BMW performance standards. 

Performance Specs:
HP Gains: 50+ WHP over stock configuration
Torque: 47+ ft-lbs of torque

-Included bracket for discrete installation
-Waterproof housing
-No wire splicing
-Easy to install

How to tell if you need a V1 or V2 harness:

Installation Video

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