Pagid RS29 Brake Pads for F8X M2 M3 M4 F3X 335i 435i F22 M235i

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We recently tested a set of RS29 pads on our M2 at the track, and have confirmed that it should be the go-to race pad for your BMW! With endurance in mind, the RS29 offers great wear characteristics along with strong bite and excellent modulation ability. See the video below to watch our M2 in action!

Pagid RS29 is a recent development from the bases of RS19, with a very similar friction coefficient to RS19 with improvements in initial bite offering quicker response and slightly more temperature stable at the upper levels of the temperature range. Developments in raw material selection and compounding have resulted in improvements also in pedal feel and feedback, helping with modulation particularly on lighter applications.

This material provides very good levels of performance and response at all temperature levels, only slight temperature inputs are required to bring the pad up to its optimum performance level. Another favorite with endurance racers having won many classes at all major endurance events, such as Le-Mans, Daytona, Spa, Nurburgring, etc. Due to the exceptional pad life and very low wear on brake discs it has been possible to run 24 hours with out a change of pads or discs. Able to withstand slightly higher disc temperatures than RS19, this has proved more suitable for applications running very high disc temperatures.

Although designed primarily for endurance racing, because of the consistent levels of performance and user friendliness many competitors use this material successfully for sprint and short distance races also. This has been seen in British GT Cup class, winning the Championship for the last 3 years in races averaging 1-2 hours in duration. RS29 has also found favor in the growing track day market due to the level of control, good cold performance, long life and low disc wear.

The same applies to major track day operator fleets have seen the benefit of using PAGID pads for corporate track days as an alternative to RS19 in various applications. While not being the cheapest brake pads on the market, we have proved that due to the longer life and less disc wear in comparison to other competitor's product, running costs can be reduced in comparison to cheaper, inferior products.

It is clear that the customer should look beyond the initial purchase price and make an accurate comparison with other competitor's products to find the most cost effective braking solution. When compared to cheaper pads that wear more quickly and reduce disc life, and may also not perform consistently to the same level, the initially more costly product can often work out to be cheaper when calculated over the entire season.

Friction Level

Cold 0.40 PAGID Brake Pads
At 100C 0.43
At 300C 0.47
Max at (@ 550C) 0.49
Constant working temperature: 400 700C
Max temperature for short period only: 75C

Pads will fit all F8X M2 M3 M4. Will also fit M235i, 335i and 435i with M Performane brakes.