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We Pack It – So No One Cracks It!

September 10, 2014

active autowerke storopack truckWhen painting a masterpiece, every individual brush stroke requires total concentration. Each stroke has a purpose and meaning, and is orchestrated precisely, culminating in an end result that is nothing short of extraordinary. In all facets of our business, we take similar considerations into mind. Sales, distribution, and service are all detailed brush strokes in the masterpiece that is Active Autowerke.


Careful consideration goes into the steps we take to distribute our products. One false move and our precious cargo can become damaged leaving both us – and more importantly, you – dissatisfied. A car, particularly a BMW, can only function at its peak performance with fully-functioning, undamaged parts. So, when considering how best to ship our products to our customers, we chose none other than FOAMplus by STOROpack.


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