BMW E9X 328i / 330i BMW E82 128i N51, N52 Performance Tune Software by BMW tuner, Active Autowerke

Active Autowerke

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Active Autowerke BMW 328i 128i Performance Tune Software

***Before your order ships you MUST sign and return the Off Road Use Only Waiver available HERE. Please email, fax or take a photo of the completed form. You can email it to your sales rep or to and you can fax it to us at (305) 253-8921***

Through careful remapping to the BMW DME, Active Autowerke has increased the horsepower and torque by over 15 and 12 respectively for your BMW 328i 128i with the N51/N52 motor.

Available for 91-93 octane we now allow you to maximize your car's true potential while maximizing your fuel consumption. Modifications include settings to the to air/fuel ratio, ignition tables, VANOS, valvetronic systems, with wide open maps for that overall improved driving experience.

With the new increased RPM limit added, one will immediately enjoy all this available and usable power.

With other off road options such as performance headers installed. the BMW performance potential is greatly improved. u00a0However, accurate software tuning becomes more crucial to showcase this BMW performance upgrade.
The Active Autowerke performance software tuning can and will cater to your style of BMW performance mods. This upgrade is a must for the enthusiast looking to maximize their naturally aspirated car's performance.

Add the Active Autowerke Signature BMW 328i Exhaust for the best combination package!

Key Features:

-Works on both BMW N51 and N52 engines
-Improved Gas Mileage
-Sportier throttle response
-Available for 91-93 octane
-Smoother pulls through RPM band
-Off Road options for cars without cats
-Increase RPM Limiter for Manual Cars
-BMW Power 15+ HP gain & 12+ FT/LB of torque.
-Expect Higher Gains with bolt on Modifications

Software Purchase Options:

When you purchase software you have 3 options to acquire it.

1) Locate an Active Autowerke Flash station equipped dealer near you and have it installed there. Click here for Dealer List.

2) Purchase a Simon3 cable from Active Autowerke and install the software yourself. Very useful if additional software upgrades are needed in the future.u00a0WARNING - when flashing your ECU, it is important that you connect a battery charger to your car in order to provide a stable voltage source regardless of your battery condition and you must remove any sleep options on your laptop.

3)Remove and mail Active Autowerke your ECU and we will install the software. Same day turnaround.

Read more about our latest update to this software here:

Video Clip (also includes our Signature Exhaust):

Click Here for Instructions on Removing ECU