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Love the thought of having a top of the line Active Autowerke Supercharger System installed on your car but don't trust just anyone to do it, including yourself? You are not alone. Whether your fear stems from potentially making that one little mistake that blows a head gasket or something slightly less extreme, you want to ensure that your time and money are being spent on products and services that exceed your expectations. If only you could have the technicians at Active Autowerke install the parts and get the system tuned on a dyno to a startling precision. Problem is you live in Pennsylvania so a simple drive to the garage probably isn't possible, nor is it vehicle friendly. If only there was a way to get your car here and do none of the work...

There is! Since 1996, customers from northern states like New Jersey, Virginia, Oregon, and Texas have been shipping their BMWs to Active Autowerke to have work done. Aside from the obvious, there are many other advantages to this:

  • All carriers are enclosed, keeping your vehicle away from the elements
  • Vehicle is covered in a layer of plastic wrap and cloth, for double protection
  • Easy and convenient satellite/cell phone tracking, so you know where your car is at all times
  • Fully insured with the highest level of coverage in the industry
  • Hydraulic level loading to reduce strain on suspension system and to safeguard vehicles with low ground clearance

Finally, Active Autowerke makes nothing off of the transport service. You deal directly with the transport company and are kept informed at all times. We hope using these services make us seem like just a stone throw away. See your vehicle soon!

If you have any questions or concerns please call 800 830 3596

Our most used and trusted transportation services.

Intercity Lines, Inc.

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Family owned and Operated for 31 years


Intercity Lines, Inc., America's premier enclosed auto transport company, has been in the enclosed automobile transport business since 1980. Automobile transportation is our only business. We featurestate of the art 53' FULLY ENCLOSED air ride trailers.

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At Intercity Lines, we've spent years perfecting the transportation of automobiles. As our business has grown, we've remained focused on providing the best value and the best customer service to every one of our clients. We stay in front with customized enclosed auto transport equipment, advanced communication technology, innovative services and highly trained and enthusiastic employees. Our business has grown through thousands of satisfied customers. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every customer, every time we have an opportunity to serve them.

--David and Linda Wilson

Intercity Lines is America's premier enclosed auto transport company.

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Exotic Car Transport(ECT) is an industry leader in the tranportation of exotic, vintage, classical, and luxury automobiles(motorcycles too)!

We are transporters of custom built autos, luxury cars, antique autos, exotic cars, prototypes, and motorcycles for dealers, private owners, buyers, manufactureers, corporate executives and government officials.

Whether you're shipping a million dollar exotic car, a flawless classic car or an irreplacable antique car in which its originality enhances its value...ECT is the auto transport company to use. When we do it... We do it right!

Our professional approuch, our credibility and our knowledge of transport expensive vehicles have made us the leader in our industry. We ux/images/transported out equipment and trained our drivers to accomplish what our clients want and have come to expect. Is there any other way to run a business? We offer the finest insurance coverage available today through Lloyds Of London.

We are the company trusted to transport the automobiles of the "Rich and Famous", professional athletes, movie stars, movie industry executives, race teams, corporate executives, manufacturers test vehicles, prototypes, and armored vehicles for heads of State.

Exotic will safely transport and secure your vehicle!

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