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how tos and guides for active autowerke parts

Looking for a quick tip or guide for your favorite Active Autowerke part? Not sure how to use a datalogger, disable driver reinforcement, or flash a new throttle map? We're here to help! Below, you'll find just about everything you need to get your BMW up and running. Browse through the links, or head over to our full performance part installation instructions page for more!

Product How To's & Guides

How To Use CarTune

How To Flash New Throttle Maps On The N52

E70 LCI X5 ACTIVE-8 Guide

N63 X5/X6 ACTIVE-8 Guide

G5 Personal Programmer

Power Programmer Installation Guide

SIMON 2 Datalogger

SIMON 2 Software Instructions

SIMON 3 Software Instructions

Throttle Booster Instructions

WINDOWS 8 Disabling Driver Enforcement