Brembo GT 6 Piston Big Brake Kit for E9X M3 (Front) - CALL FOR CURRENT PRICING

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$ 9,999.00

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335 X 32
2 Piece

*Note: The brakes are custom order and may take up to 3 weeks to receive them.

The Gran Turismo philosophy is to offer a turn key solution in high performance braking, engineered to provide optimum brake bias for your exact vehicles year, make, and model.

Each BBK is supplied with the ideal caliper and piston combination...disc dimensions and thermal capacity...and proprietary mounting hardware and fasteners to ensure the best in QUALITY, PERFORMANCE, and LONGEVITY.

Simply surpasses the competition by working better and lasting longer.

- 2, 4, 6 and 8-piston calipers,u00a0 in 2-piece or monobloc construction, to provide the best in weight savings, caliper stiffness, pedal feel and modulation for confidence inspiring performance.

All calipers are available in a variety of sequentially sized piston combinations to cover the widest range of vehicle applications possible.

A lighter, stiffer, and more intelligently designed caliper will provide better pedal feel and modulation for the driver.

Better pedal feel and modulation means that the driver will have total control of braking performance from initial application through lock up or ABS intervention.

Where other brake systems lack modular feel and control, Brembo delivers functionality that can't easily be matched

u00a01-piece and 2-piece rotor assemblies, from 313-405mm diameters, with the largest variety of thicknesses, annulus', airgaps, and vein designs to ensure the proper heat capacity and temperature management for each specified application.

Not all rotors are created equal as Brembo offers superior, and proprietary, metallurgy in all of their High Performance and Racing division discs.

The same discs raced on every weekend in World Challenge, Grand AM, ALMS, NASCAR, World Rally, etc... are utilized in the Gran Turismo program.

Superior metallurgy combined with the proper amounts of thermal capacity meas improved temperature management during spirited, aggressive, race, or "race-like" driving conditions.

Brembo's engineers go beyond the "bigger is better" school of thought by paying attention to more than just disc "size". The ability to dissipate the heat is just as critical as the discs ability to absorb the temperatures created during extreme braking cycles. Where other companies rely on larger, heavier, and bulkier discs, Brembo optimizes performance through a variety of design attributes such as annulus (swept area), airgap (space between the rotor plates to direct airflow), vein design (the structure within the airgap to control and direct the flow of air). A cooler rotor performance better and lasts longer reducing the replacement costs of consumable items over time. This creates a true VALUE even when compared to the lower cost of competing products.

- Full Floating Rotor hardware for all 2-piece rotor assemblies.

Each Brembo brake kit utilizing 2-piece fully floating rotors is assembled with Brembo's patented "McLaren" rotor hardware.

As all metals "grow" with heat, the discs ability expand and contract without being bound or compromised by the bell (center, mounting portion of the disc) is crucial. The full floating aspect of a 2pc. rotor virtually eliminates the possibility of disc deformation such as warpage or DTV (disc thickness variations) by allowing it to expand and contract freely with the tolerances necessary for the specified disc dimension. Also, the discs ability to seek a true center line during rotation promotes more even pad and rotor wear through the life of these components. A reduction in pad knock-back is another positive side effect of a floating disc.

Brembo is the only company to provide a full floating rotor hardware that allows for both radial and axial expansion of the disc while remaining completely noise free and lasting the entire lifespan of the disc.

- Top level friction materials (brake pads) and stainless steel braided lines in every brake kit.

We've all heard that "a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link", and the same goes for the components used to complete the braking package.

Every Brembo system comes with a brake pad selected for each application based on desired performance level and a set of stainless steel braided lines from leading suppliers such as Ferodo, Pagid, and Goodridge.