M50, S50, S52 High Performance Thermostat | BMW E36 325 328 M3 Z3M

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Under extreme heat conditions like on the racetrack, or on the open road in high-ambient temperature areas like Florida or Texas, the E36 series M50, S50 and S52 engines are susceptible to overheating failures such as upper radiator hose outlet break-off or cracking of plastic thermostat housing. Bad news, every time.

A lower 71 degree Celsius thermostat helps the engine run cooler from the start, reaching operational temperature earlier to enhance circulation and dissipate heat. The net effect is reduced thermal stress on the entire cooling system.

Compare the factory thermostat that has a rating of 88 degree Celsius to the 71 degree of the Active thermostat. You cannot disagree with the numbers.

Thermostat includes factory O-RING for a simple and complete installation.


This device is not intended for installation in colder climates. The engine will run that much colder making the heating system slow to react or become inactive. Recommended for sporty driving with high engine temperatures.