BMW Differential Support Bracket (DSB) E36 | 325 328 M3 by BMW tuner, Active Autowerke

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Strengthens the weakest link in your BMW E36's drivetrain.

No matter how well-engineered, every system has an Achilles Heel and in the BMW E36 driveline it's the single, main mounting bolt that holds the differential in place. Until it doesn't, that is.

This vulnerable diff bolt can fail very easily under any extreme driving condition. If youu2019re lucky, the bent or broken bolt is able to be extracted. If you're not, the entire diff needs to be removed in order to extract the broken bolt. The Active Autowerke DSB kit comes with everything to make this installation complete; a new Diff bolt is also included as part of the package. Our DSB can easily be installed by a qualified tech in under an hour and will eliminate this BMW Achilles Heel problem forever.

If you own a BMW E36 M3 powered with a turbocharger, supercharger, a Track Junkie or just love to work on your 0 - 60 time. Then leave the worries to Active Autowerke to cover your Achilles Heel while you concentrate on the road ahead. This is just one of the many performance BMW parts that we develop so that you can, "...COME PLAY WITH POWER..."u00a0

"...So deserving, I think every E36 with a M50, S50, S52 engine should have one installed..." Mike Hugh, Vice President, Active Autowerke.


  • BMW 325i 1992-95
  • BMW 328i 1996-99
  • BMW M3 1995-99

BMW performance, tuning  and BMW power

Installation Instructions

Key Features

  • Addresses known failure tendency of the front differential bolt
  • A true bolt-on alternative, available in "DIY kit" form
  • Heavy-guage steel construction for maximum strength and durability
  • Precision machining and alignment assures precise fit
  • Gentle on the driveline, thanks to the additional support
  • Tested to withstand the rigors of 500+ HP
  • Step-by-step instructions for an easy install