BMW Oil Distribution Mounting Block for Gauges

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Since I can remember, BMW has always been a great car but lacks certain components to be truly Ultimate. One being the proverbial oil pressure gauge. To help resolve this dilemma, one has to resort to the aftermarket like VDO, Autometer, AEM, etc. to source such a gauge. You can make your selection based on size, face back light, digital or analog, and electronic or mechanical. Regardless of your selection, you have to tap into the oil artery to monitor the engine oil pressure.

The Active Autowerke ODB, Oil Distribution Block was created just to solve this problem

  • With a 12x1.50mm pitch, it mounts in the original position of the factory oil pressure switch, eliminating the need to drill or tap
  • Retains the factory oil pressure switch to still satisfy the oil warning light in the instrument cluster
  • Has a dedicated port to install an additional electric oil pressure sender or fitting to connect a mechanical oil pressure feed
  • Can be used by turbochargers or superchargers requiring an oil feed sourceu00a0

Design feature of the Active Autowerke ODB

  • Has to be small and compact. One could drill and tap a block of aluminum to do the task, but... The ODB is the smallest 2 part ODB on the market currently for BMW application today
  • With a 2 part unit, the rotating design allows for a FULL 360 degree rotation. This allows the sender (regardless of size) to rotate as it fits against the oil filter housing without any interference
  • Engine bay picture shows a BMW E9x M3 S65 V8 with oil pressure sender installed using a ODB-KIT. Look at the space constraints.u00a0small size and flexible 360 degree rotation comes in very handy.u00a0
  • CNC machining allows multiple wrench placements to ensure a secure torque
  • 12mm x 1.50mm pitch makes the installation factory like for most BMWs
  • 1/8-27NPT suitable for most aftermarket senders currently producedu00a0
  • Complete with (2) crush rings for a seamless installationu00a0

    NOTE: Factory oil pressure sender and / or VDO oil pressure sender NOT INCLUDED with ODB-KITu00a0