Active Autowerke G-Chassis Charge Pipe M340i M440i / A90 SUPRA

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Stock or Modded...You Need This For Your G-body B58 Powered BMW!

  • Active Autowerke BMW G-Chassis B58 Charge Pipe

2019+ - BMW G2X M340i, M440i with B58 engine

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Active Autowerke is familiar with some of the issues that 2012 and newer N55 BMW 335i, 435i, M235i and M2 owners experience even running with the factory BMW boost.

The BMW B58 utilizes an all plastic construction for the factory charge pipe.
This charge pipe will eventually break, although much better than the N55. Whenever the factory charge pipe break at the plastic seam, the engine immediately senses a huge vacuum leak where the engine ECU counters by sending the engine into LIMP MODE condition. Usually, the car's performance will feel diminished and lack luster as if running without a proper firing cylinder.

The Active Autowerke B58 G-body Charge Pipe is a designated product designed from inception to cure and eliminate this problem on your BMW.
Constructed from all aluminum makes this charge pipe almost indestructible.
The connection to the throttle body is a CNC machined part to duplicate the factory fit as well making a tight, reliable seal.

Owners of BMW with the B58 engine understands that additional power can be reliably maintained with the use of Water/Methanol injection as an added feature.

The Active Autowerke B58 Charge Pipe has a proper provision for this specific application. A boss with two separate ports are provided upstream where the injected mix of water/methanol can properly atomize before entering the engine. The thread depths for the water/methanol nozzles are also checked to allow for a proper spray pattern without hitting the inside walls of the threaded holes.

Key Features:
  • Specific design to correct a problem
  • Consistent diameter tubing for increased performance
  • Increased throttle response and decrease throttle lag
  • CNC machined throttle housing for a proper seal
  • Retains factory BMW O-Ring seal
  • Provision of raised boss for 2 Water/Methanol nozzles
  • BLACK powder coated for that OEM look
  • High quality silicone couplers and stainless clamps are included


The factory throttle clip and O-ring are not included with the B58 Charge Pipe