Active Autowerke E46 M3 Prima PLUS + Supercharger with 600 horsepower UPGRADE Kit

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Active Autowerke E46 M3 PRIMA PLUS + SC with 600 horsepower UPGRADE KIT

As producer of one of the finest working supercharger systems for the BMW E46 M3, Active Autowerke is
proud tou00a0introduce the PRIMA PLUS supercharger system capable of exceeding 500 WHP running on
pump drawn 93 octane. The PRIMA PLUS is an upgrade kit to the existing PRIMA supercharger system
designed to create MORE horsepower.
In collaboration with Frank Smith of Tuning Tech FS, the Prima PLUS SC kit has evolved as a fantastic
performer. With numerous dyno runs under countless hours all monitored through careful Data Logging and
Lean/Rich evaluation, this PRIMA PLUS supercharger kit is ready for the BMW enthusiast.
Special thanks goes out to Frank Smith and the guys at Tuning Tech,FS, a Active Autowerke Dealer in the
Maryland area to help launch this supercharger system.
The PRIMA PLUS is a centrifugal design supercharger using a conventional fixed drive pulley, but unlike it's
predecessors, the PRIMA PLUS also hasu00a0variable boost settings of 9.0 psi and 9.5 psi to help attain theu00a0
A first in the BMW forced induction industry.
For easy comparisons, here is where the PRIMA and PRIMA PLUS + stands when measuring rear wheel horsepower.u00a0
A stock BMW E46 M3 is around 265 WHP.PRIMA SC makes 425 WHP. PRIMA PLUS SC makes 500+ WHP. u00a0

Customer impression:

"...I intend to go to race fuel (104+) in the spring when I can drive it more.
So far the acceleration plants you into the seat. 1st and 2nd gear have the
rear tires searching for grip and I am running a 275 R compound tire. The
car feels alive and the power band is exceptionally characteristic of the
original power plant but just more power everywhere. There is no lag in
power delivery and is easy to modulate in partial and full throttle scenarios...."u00a0
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How Does It Work:

Running without a front mounted intercooler, the PRIMA PLUS + relies on Water/Methanol and precise tuning to
make it happen. When activated by the flip of a switch, the system develops 9.5 psi of boost and 500 + WHP.*

The Water/Methanol system combined with proper software tuning performs flawlessly, but if a problem arises
such as a low WA/Meth fluid level, excessive detonation, etc. there a immediate safeguard built in.
The system will automatically default back to the 6.0 psi level to prevent any damage to the motor.

Now you can enter the F.I. realm with a proven company known for reliability and proven performance.
Active Autowerke invites you to Come Play with Poweru201d with your BMW.

Key Features:

  • Complete WA/Meth system
  • Designated trunk mounted WA tank with holding baseu00a0
  • WA pump with internal seals and nozzles to accommodate methanol
  • Non intrusive mounting helps maintain existing factory trunk space (exception Convertible models)
  • Integrated wiring with fail safe features
  • Precise software tuning to match designated boost levels
  • Operates on 93 pump octane
  • Detailed Step by Step Instructions

Performance Specs:

Boost: 9.5 psi
Stock Horsepower:333 HP @ 7900RPM
Supercharged Horsepower: 600+HP @ 8100RPM
Stock Torque:268 Ft Lbs @ 4800RPM
Supercharge Torque: 393 Ft Lbs @ 8100RPM

Dyno chart of PRIMA PLUS +. Take a look at the power created below:

Please Note All Supercharge Kits May Take Up To Weeks To Ship. Please Call To Confirm.