Aftermarket Parts

If you’ve found yourself here, chances are you agree with the following statement:

If it’s broke, make it better. If it ain’t broke; make it better anyway.

This is a universal philosophy that both automotive enthusiasts and aftermarket part manufacturers share. It’s something that we here at Active Autowerke live by everyday. We’ve spent more than three decades researching and developing some of the highest quality, most affordable aftermarket BMW performance parts on the market because of it.

So whether you’re intent on customizing your BMW for style, performance, or some combination of both – we’ve got the parts and expertise to help you reach your goals. There’s no doubt BMW creates the Ultimate Driving Machine; we’re just obsessed with finding new ways to make it even better.

aftermarket bmw parts by active autowerke

OEM Vs. The Aftermarket: Why Mess With A Good Thing?

Searching for, purchasing, and installing aftermarket parts on your BMW can be a bit intimidating. After all, the processes employed by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) result in products built to some of the most stringent standards around. To properly manufacture a mass-market vehicle that everyone from world-class racing champions to suburban weekend warriors to your sweet old granny can enjoy and rely upon requires years of testing, development, and most of all, money. This naturally leads to the question: “Why the hell mess with a good thing?”

Well, in our case the answer is simple; we’re a little nuts.

Give us speed; and we want to go faster. Give us razor-sharp handling; we’ll crave even more control. We offer aftermarket parts for everything from your mom’s X5 to the latest and greatest generation M3 because we know we aren’t alone in this. The pursuit to Come Play With Power is alive and well in all of us. A stock ride just won’t cut it.

The Ultimate Freedom Of Expression

Of course, producing everything to exacting specifications is both a blessing and a curse. OEM parts are built for everyone – which means they aren’t built for YOU. You’re like us. You want to push your vehicle to its limit.

As an aftermarket performance parts supplier, we aren’t subject to corporate accountants only concerned with turning a profit. We don’t answer to suits who insist on covering up all those lovely engine sounds that scare away the masses. Instead, we can be as loud and as proud as we want to be. We can wrench and weld using our bare hands (covered with a sturdy pair of gloves of course; safety first).

Whether you want your base model 3-series to accelerate and corner like an M3/M4, your twin-turbocharged M8 to outrun a Ferrari, or just find the perfect aftermarket accessory for your X5, we not only support – but encourage you!

Come find out what it’s like to truly play with power.