Active Autowerke BMW 328i Supercharger Kit Level 2 Complete E36

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Active Autowerke BMW 328i Supercharger Kit Level 2

Looking to increase your BMW 328i performance by over 150%? Look no further, the Active Autowerke BMW 328i Supercharger system level 2 for your 328i will do just that.

Now they have it and the amazing 150% power kick that comes along for the ride. This carefully engineered BMW 328i Supercharger kit matches the Rotrex C38 supercharger with the perfect hardware, software and tuning to take the factory 190 HP straight up to 360+ HP (with the potential for even more power with additional upgrades, like our BMW 328i Performance Exhaust).

Active Autowerke BMW 328i Supercharger Kit Level 2 Benefits

The level 2 version of this BMW 328i Supercharger system brings you car to another level, boasting a large front mount air to air intercooler and comes complete with all piping and hardware required to make this bolt on application work. This upgrade increases your car HP an additional 25-40HP over the stage 1 system. The stage 2 upgrade also includes an new high performance fuel pump to help deliver the necessary fuel. With the reliability and performance of an inter-cooled system along with our perfectly tuned software this system is a must for the true enthusiast looking to bring their 328i to new heights.

Key Features

Rotrex C38-81 Supercharger
Active Autowerke Front Mount Air to Air Intercooler
Upgraded High Flow Fuel Pump
Mounting bracket, pulleys and belt
6 larger high-flow fuel injectors
Active Autowerke Air Filter
Active Autowerke Dyno-Tuned Software
All mounting hardware, plumbing, hoses and clamps
Illustrated instruction manual & installation guide
1 Year Warranty with free tech support

Please Note All Supercharge Kits are built to order may take 4-6 weeks. Please Call To Confirm.