BMW E9X Gen 2 Signature Rear Exhaust N52 | 325 328i by BMW tuner, Active Autowerke

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Active Autowerke BMW Gen 2 Signature 328i Exhaust N52 Performance

Optimal power, performance and sound are the core values of our Active Autowerke BMW 328i exhaust system, designed to fit BMW 325i and 328i E9X N52 models. A free-flow design and beefy 80mm dual exhaust tips allow 35% to 40% more exhaust flow than the stock BMW 328i exhaust system.

The increased flow minimizes back pressure, resulting in substantial HP and torque gains. The system's Brushed stainless steel construction also makes a bold visual statement, while also increasing durability. This BMW 328i performance exhaust produces a sporty, yet mellow tone.

Factory-fit specifications are followed closely, yet our system allows 14lbs in weight savings as opposed to the factory BMW exhaust.

This exhaust features the Active Autowerke Muffler and Noise Cancellation Chamber to assist in reducing drone. Manufactured from 100% brushed 304 stainless steel, this clamp-on system is suited for the N52 owner looking to bring their BMW's performance to new heights.

Add our BMW 328i Performance Tune for the best combination of power and reliability!


This exhaust may not easily fit some of the XI (4WD) and Station Wagon Models - welding may be required for proper fitment of the exhaust to stock pipe.
Exhaust system requires cutting of the factory pipe for installation. Dimensions and cutting points are highlighted in the instructions.
Some models have a round tubular pipe that makes the installation seamless. Other models have an oblong shape and will require welding instead of clamping.

Video Sound Clip:

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Key Features:

  • Fits BMW 325i, 328i
  • Full 304 stainless steel construction with brushed finish
  • 3" Mandrel-bent piping for optimum exhaust flow
  • Straight through muffler design
  • NCC (Drone Reduction)
  • Dual 80mm Active Autowerke Signature tips, staggered
  • Weight Savings *14lbs lighter than stock BMW exhaust*
  • Designed to use existing factory mounts and hardware
  • Fully adjustable mounting positions
  • Fully adjustable tips
  • Illustrated instruction manual
  • One year warranty
BMW Performance for the BMW E9x 328i with N52 motor


Dyno Graph (muffler only):