BMW High Performance Software Tuning B46/B48 F series 230i 330i 430i 530i

Active Autowerke

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***Before your order ships you MUST sign and return the Off Road Use Only Waiver available HERE. Please email, fax or take a photo of the completed form. You can email it to your sales rep or to and you can fax it to us at (305) 253-8921***

Please NOTE that BMW dealers now have the technology to flag your vehicle as having the DME modified even if the flash has been removed and replaced with the stock tune and this may impact your cars warranty. You accept full responsibility for the purchase and use of this aftermarket tune for your vehicle.

Active Autowerke offers unparalleled performance software. Through careful remapping of the factory DME tables, various elements such as ignition timing, fuel delivery, and part throttles are reworked to create performance gains. The Active Autowerke upgraded software is designed to operate with gasoline that has an average octane rating with full emissions to create a clean burning combustion with good AFR's all within factory specifications.

Active Autowerke's BMW B48 Performance Software comes with an option of all software and cables needed for you to install yourself or you can always go to an Active certified software installer and of course for those in South Florida you can visit us and have it installed. WARNING - when flashing your ECU, it is important that you connect a battery charger to your car in order to provide a stable voltage source regardless of your battery condition and you must remove any sleep options on your laptop.

Key Features:
Up to 48 whp horsepower gains throughout RPM range for stage 2 (32 whp gain for stage 1)
Up to 94 ft/lbs torque gain for stage 2 (24 ft lbs gain for stage 1)
Recallibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive part throttle transition
Recallibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive power delivery
Modified Vanos camshaft remapping
Available "Burble" Maps
Free tech support and assistance
Multiple maps available for flashing at home.

Available Options:

  • Cold start delete
  • Stage 1 or Stage 2 maps for 91-93 octane
  • Off Road Only Downpipe Map
  • Burble Option
  • Tuner flag removal
  • OBD Flashing Option (add Femto software and cable)
Performance Specs:
Up to 48 hp gains Rear wheel HP measured on the dyno
Up to 95 Ft lbs gains: Rear wheel FT/LBs measured on the dyno
Software purchase includes level 1 and level 2.